May 14, 2011

Saturday nap time favorite things!

I'm preparing a roast chicken. Organic free range hippy chicken, roasted in the best, simplest way possible. I really LOVE Thomas Keller's fancy way in his "at home" cook-book, but I'll take this way since the babe doesn't really allow for hours upon hours of precise chopping. This is FANTASTIC and delicious and easy (and I've never had the smokey problem that everyone in the reviews talks about).

Also, my favorite nail polish color has been discontinued. It was a mabeline red that had quick dry qualities. It was the perfect shade of red. Now they have one that's too raspberry and one that's too orange.

Since I was 14 my toes have been red - I think I read in a cosmo that red was the only classic nailpolish color. There wasn't a day that my nails were naked or chipped (can't say the same thing for my fingernails).

So, anyway - since the babe was born, my toe nails have been horrible - never painted or chipped. So - I finally searched for another quick dry and finally found the next best thing!

Revlon, Top speed cherry nail polish.

Thank god.

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