May 7, 2011

I spent more on this garbage can than I did on my wedding dress

But, in our teensy tiny kitchen with only a few cupboards, an under sink garbage can wouldn't work (we already lost one cupboard to put in the dishwasher).

We were using the white plastic garbage can we used in our old house for garbage and a paper grocery bag for recycling - but it was U G L Y and the baby discovered how he could unpack the garbage.

(looks good - are we overdoing the stainless steel? We're done now - I promise)

So we figured it into our May budget and on May 1st I bit the bullet. It is actually pretty fantastic, though when I think about how much it cost I cringe.

I also purchased a compost bin - I know. I never composted before this week. Don't tell.

Isn't it cute?!


  1. does your compost stink up your kitchen?? it IS very cute!! such a lovely kitchen, well done for such a small space!

  2. It doesn't stink it up (surprisingly) but it is actually not our favorite at this point.

    It only fits food for a day or two so we have to take it out regularly - but the big problem is that it has a lip inside, so when you try to pull the food out, the bag sometimes rips.

    We're actually going to try to find something else.

    We're still working on the kitchen...hopefully it will just keep getting cuter! Thanks!