February 3, 2012

Moving right along

F the budget.

I want my kitchen done.

I went to a discount fabric warehouse yesterday. Bought myself some clear vinyl fabric. For the sofa.


For the banquette in the kitchen. I got anxious, and decided to just order away. Why was I waiting for the laminated fabric to come off backorder, when I could do it myself?! So, I ordered the regular cotton AND come clear vinyl, and I'll just layer! Plus, it was cheaper ($5 a yard for the clear vinyl and $8 a yard for the pretty pretty cotton.

This pretty fabric is headed my way.

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

And I ordered this AMAZING poster:

At ikea on my lunch break, I got a whole s-ton of stuff.

None of it is very exciting (mostly for the boy - a step stool and easel). I also picked up some baskets to try for our open shelving, a new cheese grater (our very expensive one from BB&B totally has cracked open after a year), and a shade for the garage room.

I'm going to tile during lunch today, do another coat of waterlox on the counter this morning, and we're finishing this kitchen by next week.

OH - I got 90 flor tiles for the garage - for $2.50 a piece! SCORE!

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