February 17, 2012


We've lived here for one year today!













Cheers, to many more!


  1. Love your pad! Happy one year :)

    Also, is it creepy to say I like your man with short hair? Yes, I think it is.

    I need details on your couch, which I've never notice before. Our fabric couch is ruuuuuuuuuuined and I need to start saving up for something fab like that.

  2. Thanks! Happy Birthday to you :)

    I'm glad you agree! I thought I liked his long hair look, but I really like it short. His old job was a jeans and button down kind of job and the new one requires ties and pocket squares every day - so the new haircut fits.

    We bought it on amazon - sight unseen. It was about $1400 (including shipping and taxes). I love it. I was SO not into a leather couch, but my sister convinced me that with kids I needed leather. GOOD decision. I had no idea how disgusting kids were and how there is sometimes NO controlling where breastmilk or yogurt end up.

    It appears to be sold out right now - but I KNOW I saw it from different vendors and also found one on craigslist when I was searching for "brown leather sectional" every day for like 6 months. I'm an obsessive internet researcher, so I felt doomed that nice sectionals are like millions of dollars, but this one is super comfy and will do until my kid learns to wash his hands and not spit for fun.


  3. Congrats! It's cool to see the side by sides and how much you've accomplished in 1 year! Agreed, the sofa is great. What did you end up doing with the old stove? Did it work?

  4. The stove was SUCH a pain in the ass. They removed it and put it in the garage when they were showing the place (and said it didn't work), then put it BACK for the appraisal - so we had to get it out again. As I'm nostalgic about our move, I'm also remembering what pains the owners were.

    It was such a weird configuration - HUGE for the space (you had to turn sideways to squeeze through to the door), and the two ovens were not big enough for a cookie sheet. So strange.

    My mom bought a different wedgewoody stove for her identical flat upstairs and it is way better.

  5. Hello,

    I really like your leather sectional and I've been searching the internet for it. I was wondering, is it this one:

    Thank you!

  6. Is that a vintage stove? There is a big market for those. You could sell it to a renovating company (who will make a huge profit on it after they fix it up) and have enough cash to redo your kitchen. Seriously.