February 8, 2012

Humpdate Update

Our nanny is in the swing of things. T still sobs when I leave, but I stand in the garage to listen for him and he stops moments after I'm through the door. When I walk in at the end of my day, they are always playing so sweetly.


This morning I went for a run (week 6, day 2 of Couch25K) and it felt fantastic. It was two ten minute runs with a three minute walk in between. I was VERY ready to start walking at 4 minutes into the first run. VERY. But, I knew how good I would feel when I was done, so I powered through. Next thing I knew it was minute 8 of the second run. MJ (or Michael Jackson to you) helped me get through it nicely.

When I lived in Venice, CA (coastal LA) on Sunday mornings I would wake up at 7 and get on my bike. I would cruise around our little town and up the beach bike path in the stillness and silence of the morning. I'd get a coffee and with my ipod blaring, walk through the farmer's market in my own little world. I haven't felt that silence since moving to San Francisco.

This morning, I found it walking home through Golden Gate Park on my run. It was amazing.

I was just truly present, blaring Ben Taylor on Pandora and just have a moment with myself.

I was bad - with Bubbs starting a new job and the new nanny, I've had a hard time getting out to run. I've started eating poorly and craving sugar and carbs (and eating ice cream every night before bed!).

Running has made such a difference in my life. Gotta keep it up.

Oh - and...

Shelves are up. We ordered extra butcherblock at ikea and installed it as floating shelves (with brackets from homedepot).

They have less space than I thought they would, but I am really happy with how they turned out.

We put some dishes on them this morning and they look fantastic!

Hopefully Bubbs can get the outlets installed tonight so we can finally get everything up there...

Then I just have to do the backsplash.

And one more coat of waterlox on these counters.

I'm deathly afraid the contractor got adhesive on the edges of the sink and that the waterlox isn't soaking in...the color is different there than elsewhere. I think I'm going to have to sand it down and do several more coats there to be SURE we don't have water damage.

We've come a long way, baby.


  1. Shelves look good! I'm considering shelves in the kitchen, too. When I look at a kitchen chock full of cupboards, it feels so...full or something.

  2. I know! I wanted to take all the doors off but one, but sadly we're in earthquake country so I didn't want to kill my family to have a skinny kitchen.