January 30, 2012

Kitchen Updates - Now we're getting somewhere

This garbage can was empty before I threw out all the food that was wasted when our contractor forgot to plug back in the deep freeze.

On the plus cute is this pig on her new grey walls?

The red bench will go soon - and the micro and coffee maker are going to find new homes as well...

Here it is

I started the first coat of waterlox are the counters "prelox"

After coat #1

Oh - and we found a nanny. A fantastic one. I'm thrilled.


  1. We have used gray in our spaces as well. It is my new favorite neutral! It is looking great, and I am so jealous of those counters!

    1. I can't wait until we can actually USE the counters. I'm so afraid of getting water on them! We have five more coats to go and I somehow have to figure out how to do it while the boy is gone! I'm loving the grey too! It is the color I wish I had in the living room (that looks baby blue).

  2. PAINT woo hoo! I really dig the gray...and the pig! The shelf is great, too (ok im gushing). Hope you're feeling relieved. The trash can full of ruined food blows (big time), but it's done. What are your plans for the red bench?

    1. Thanks! The paint makes a huge difference! Hopefully, TODAY the fabric I love will come in (its been on backorder). Then the bench will get recovered in this print: