February 10, 2012

Backsplash DONE!



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  1. It looks really great. We are thinking of doing something very similar with our kitchen. How did you treat the butchers block? Did you use waterlox?

  2. We did use waterlox. To be honest - it was WAY to toxic for us to use again. Since we started with it, we kept going, but our entire family had a headache for a month. I've used tung oil before and I think I would have used it here as well.

  3. Hi there, could you tell me how you attache your sink to the countertop? I have a single bowl stainless that I want to do this with but having a hard time figuring out whether to use just silicone with clips (if I can find clips), epoxy or some combination. Thanks for the great posts.

  4. We used silicone with clips - it was the instructions that came with our sink. Though we had our "contractor" do it and I'm now convinced he can't read - I keep waiting for it to fall based on his bad work everywhere else :)

  5. Ug, sorry to hear that. Thanks for getting back.

  6. looks beautiful!! what size is your sink and where did you get it?

  7. Thanks!

    We got the sink on Amazon for a reduced price b/c it had been previously returned.

    We still LOVE it and are going to buy another one for our new riverhouse soon!