February 14, 2012

Kitchen updates and other random thoughts

We did some purging.

Who needs this many wooden spoons?!

Or this many spatulas?

(construction dirt, not just filthy utensils).

In the kitchen work this weekend we realized the newly painted drawers has been tagged.

It definitely wasn't me who let that child have a pen.

Nothing a little Mr. Clean Magic Eraser couldn't handle.

Our new coffee station:

(cute retro napkin holder from etsy).

I used the marble cutting board as a counter protector - I'm still so paranoid about water damage on our butcher block counters even with 256 coats of Waterlox.

How great is our deep undermount sink? Full of dishes, but 10" deep and you can only see one peeping out :)

A new smaller microwave is coming next week - but so far these shelves are amazing.

(I didn't think having the fruit that low would be a problem, but this morning I woke up to tiny bites out of every apple). Thinking of turning that shelf into a stovetop and sink for Little T.

The big garbage can is now for recycling...and we installed a simple human under cabinet trash bin for compost and garbage. WAY better.

We took the door off the pantry to shave the bottom off (in our year here, we've only been able to open it 6 inches since the floor is uneven).

Bubbs quickly built me some extra shelves and our pots and pans are easily accessible, easy to put away and take out! This pantry has never been well used (we tried food at one point, then dishes, and I think this is definitely the best way to use it.

The plan is to paint the inside at some point - maybe white, but maybe a surprise bright favorite benjamin moore juniper - maybe...

Our fish - they float upside down.

Apparently it is called swim bladder (gas) and I'm supposed to feed them peas.


  1. Wow the kitchen looks fantastic! What a difference! And I really like your coffee station: I think I may have to copy it for our kitchen, because now we are always spilling coffee/water on the counter.

  2. Looks amazing! Congrats :)

    And tho I love a good purge, I'll never rid myself of a wooden spoon -- I love them in an unhealthy way...

  3. @bluejeanamy you and my husband should join a 12 step program for wooden spoons!

    I cut that stack down to three - and realized we only ever USE three of them.

  4. HOw do you like your sprayer?? Will you share the brand with me?

  5. Love love love the faucet/sprayer and sink. We're re-doing another house now and I will totally put the same ones in that too. Looks like it is on sale from Amazon too!

    Delta 9178-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, Chrome

  6. Hi, came by your blog by way of Kitchn. Your kitchen is very nice. We're doing a small kitchen reno and were thinking of butcherblock countertops. How do you like them? Also, I love the wooden shelves you have. Would you mind sharing your source for them? Thanks a lot.

  7. I love the butcherblock and we're doing a small reno on a vacation home and are doing them again. They do get dinged up, but we like the way that looks. Plus, they were so cheap, if they ever need replacing it won't be an issue. In the beginning we tried to wipe off water immediately and not beat them up too badly, but with friends and other people in the house I couldn't control it forever.

    We made the shelves out of the same ikea butcher block - with extra heavy duty brackets from home depot. Very easy!

  8. Thanks! I love the look of butcherblock and the price can't get any better! Thats a cool idea, using the butcherblock remnants as shelves. Definitely going to steal that idea :). Only, I wish I could hide the brackets.