January 10, 2012

Our Sink has Shipped

Three things:

1) When you say "Our sink has shipped" out of context, It can make your husband's head spin on his shoulders.

No, honey, our ship didn't sink, our SINK shipped!

This one:

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

2) Twice today, T has come up to us, said, "poo poo" and actually followed through on the toilet! I have not had a more proud moment as a mama. Seriously.

3) We've been having a HORRIBLE time getting him to sleep. Hours of fussing and bottles and wanting to play. Tonight, he was rolling around in bed and having one heck of a time settling down. At 9pm (two hours after normal bedtime), he said "bye bye."

I left.

He fell asleep.



  1. maybe he needs a later bedtime?

  2. Yeah, we're flexible on it. It's just a matter of knowing when he needs to calm down or when its time to party :)