January 21, 2012

On Top

When I was teaching my kid to play with blocks the other day, he learned the phrase "on top."

So now everything goes on top.


This was our kitchen in November:

Isn't that tile cute?

Now do you think it is cute?

Finally convincing him to TRY demo.

Ten minutes later: (He was convinced).

Day 1 of hiring out the rebuild:

Dishwasher cabinet rebuilt, windowsill installed, and cement board installed.

(see where I broke into the kitchen cupboard to get my coffee? Sorry guys!)

The rooms seems pretty big without all the appliances in place...

Cut this cabinet to fit our new fridge:

Cut back the existing duct which was way too low. Scraped off the crappy paint job from the previous owners (I think they brought someone in to spray the whole house without any prep right before the sale). The paint peeled RIGHT off.

Drywall where the tile was:

Cut back the insanely long gas pipe

The only surface available for coffee making:

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