January 8, 2012

Obsessed with our Kitchen

We had a plan to re-do our kitchen months ago, but decided to hold off.

I'm not talking a 50,000 dollar redo - just to be clear.

But, it's back on.

Our cheap-o work with what you've got, re-do is happening. And I'm completely obsessed. I wake up in the morning planning and go to bed in front of my pinterest screen looking at hardware.

A contractor came out a week ago to give us a quote, but it hasn't come back yet, so I'm planning on it being WAY too much and we're gonna have to do it anyway.

I've gone back and forth a million times, but I think we're set on a plan.

White, white, and wood. Plus maybe a splash of green and yellow.

stove wall
We'll be removing the tiled wall and re-doing subway tile behind the stove only.

I have no idea how, but somehow getting an exhaust fan working with that duct. Who knew this would be the biggest confusion for me.

Get rid of that kitchen cart.

My favorite thing is adding some open shelving to the left of the stove. One stove height - so we have a work surface. The Soda Stream, coffee maker, Kitchen Aid, and Toaster will go on this one (or maybe the one above). The dishes and cups will go above as well as groovy stylings. I'm considering turning a low one into a space for T's stuff - so he can reach.

banquet picture

Buy these prints and hang them on the wall in awesome frames:

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Re-cover the banquet for the only "splash" of color in my calm neutral room.

Which of these should I use?

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

The biggest question I have is if we should do butcher block on the kitchen table or not. It is original to the house which means it is really old and funky. A big beautiful butcher block could be fantastic. Or WAY too much. I just can't decide.

Butcher block counter tops and cup style drawer pulls. No idea what to use on the cabinets yet. I'm thinking polished chrome, no?

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

I like a single basin sink (to wash cookie pans and big pots) and a tall faucet (with a detachable nozzle-y thing). I keep going back and forth between cast iron white and stainless steel. I don't want something that will chip and stain, but I love the look of cast iron.


We've had a pretty bad experience with our Frigidaire fridge, but they've agreed to let us return it and get a new one. Problem is - only one fridge fits in the space in the kitchen - literally - ONE. So we'll have to cut down the cupboard to make this one fit and not get stuck with another lemon exactly like our current fridge. But this one (a "Frigidaire gallery" fridge) hopefully won't rust because it is super fancy.

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Square white tile or Subway?

Stainless Steel or Cast Iron?

Butcher Block on the Table or Linoleum?


  1. Subway tile
    Stainless steel (I PROMISE you will end up super pissed at the white sink)
    Linoleum ( can go with Butcher block when T isnt guaranteed to ruin it in the next 5 years)

    And that first fabric!

  2. I love that first fabric selection!!