January 1, 2012

Yellow, Blue and White Bedroom - Coming Together!

My bedroom has seen many changes in the 11 months we've lived here.

You can see the evolution in this post and this post.

Last time I posted, this is what we had:

Our new duvet cover is starting to pull the room together!

See the monogramed pillow cases? A gift from my mom.

We both got each other West Elm bedspreads for Christmas (not on purpose).

She got this one
And we got this one

Would have been perfect in my bedroom, right?

Except the color was not yellow - and no where near the color in this pic! It was a sort of green/grey/grellow color. Which might have been okay, but our curtains are definitely SERIOUSLY yellow. She was awesome though, and monogrammed our pillow cases.

So we're keeping those! I figure with a few other yellow pillows it won't look so strange to have two patterns and different yellows.

I never thought I'd jump on the chevron stripe train, but I think this is a very cool contrast to the headboard and lamps - and also a cool contrast to the yellow flowery curtains.

All aboard the chevron train!

(that is a reference to a very obscure children's song that we all hate, including T, but it comes on after the Elmo song in iTunes, so I know it so well).

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