January 19, 2012

Pendant Love

Before I leave for work (it is currently 5:56 am and I'm walking out the door at 6:00):

1) Electrician is coming today. Outlets will be moved, under cabinet lighting will be placed, and track lighting will be installed. Oh! And our range hood electrical will be set.

2) This lovely lady will be centered above our breakfast nook.

3) The fabric that everyone agreed was magically beautiful:

Source: via Mama on Pinterest


But, I contacted the etsy seller and she's put me on the wait list. My banquet will be an amazing splash of color.

4) We've vowed to stop "trusting the professionals" when it comes to design and if I don't like something - I'm going to say it. Early and often. Oh - and - we've hired almost everything out.

I'm still doing the tiling - because I want to. But everything else is getting done by someone else - which means that it will be done by mid-next week. Our counters and sink will be in by the weekend.

So we can stop living like this:

(yeah, the dead flowers on top of the fridge are no one's fault but my own).

See how dark our kitchen is? This is in the middle of the day.

Secretly, I'm mostly excited about our new kitchen lighting because I will finally be able to take good food pics without moving the food to the dining room first :)

6:01 - off to my two hour commute.


  1. Two hour commute? :( I'm sorry.
    By the way, cute layout! :D

  2. Just twice a week - but it kills!

    Thanks! More progress today!