January 13, 2012

Turning Flash Cards into Wall Art

T's child care provider gave him this amazing box of curious george magic for Christmas. It had a puzzle, two posters, and alphabet flash cards. T loved it all, but the mess was INSANE from all the pieces.

I loved the little vignettes and pictures in the posters, but they got trashed quickly, since T like to wear them rolled up in his shirt.

At our most recent trip to Ikea, I found the perfect frames. Without knowing how many I would need or what sizes, I bought a ton.

We hung them like these ones, with double sided velcro tape so he can't pull them down (or they can't fall down in an earthquake). The cards are posted with scotch tape on white paper.

His favorite are "O" "P" and "T". Probably because those are the ones he knows.

We now rock out to the a b c song.

Problem is, this is SO not Montessori style.*

Not calm.

Not limited stimulation.

And you know what?

It is making bed time miserable.

These cute, educational, and entertaining little frames are WAY too stimulating.

I'm giving it a week more and then they sadly come down. Unless he learns to ignore them right before bed.

Not likely.

*speaking of Montessori style, in looking at preschools, I'm not so sure it is for us. Though the decorating style sure does work so far. I'm more of a Reggio Emilia girl myself. Which appears to be hard to come by. Even here.


  1. What didn't you like about Montessori, and what's good about Reggio Emilia? My daughter is too small right now, but I've thought it would be a great option once she's bigger. Love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Grace, I'll post something this weekend with my thoughts. Generally speaking though, Montessori seems a bit rigid for me and they believe in time-outs and other types of discipline. Reggio Emilia seems very close to how I would spend my time with T if I could. Play based, child led, similar "discipline" style to unconditional parenting and really respecting the children. The problem is that Reggio Emilia is fairly new to SF and the only schools that truly practice it are fancy prep-schools (ala your last post). Which would actually be fine with me if they weren't across town. There are Montessori schools all over my neighborhood - so the convenience factor weighs heavily. We'll still visit the others, but I actually get a little fluttery when I think about how happy T would be in a Reggio Emilia program done right. Anyway - I'll post more later. Cheers.