January 26, 2012

Kitchen Status

Um, frustration can't begin to let you know how I'm feeling.

So, for two days now, someone from the "crew" has shown up, done a miniscule amount of work and left saying they needed more parts.

At this point they have two things left to do: hook up the sink and move our stove back in. So, we're doing dishes in the bathroom, have no dining surfaces, and the dining room is FULL of kitchen stuff. Yeah.

Oh - and maybe waterproof our countertops? Bubbs made a special trip a week ago to go get the sealer since he said they would need it right away. And, nothing. Still just the raw butcher block. Which we've had people put drinks on, food on, and I'm really worried it is going to get funky before we get it sealed up.

I went to the paint store to pick up paint for the cabinets, walls, and trim. In the process of moving a cabinet, we discovered that the beautiful paint job the previous owner had done before selling the place was a cheap 'latex over oil' spray job (you know - THAT mistake). So the paint is peeling like a sunburn in large sheets. I read up on sanding down the oil based paint, painting with an oil based primer, then painting with my latex. Bought $253 worth of materials, came home and started sanding. And realized I SO don't have time for this. With an hour before I was supposed to pick up my boy from daycare and 10 minutes before our new fridge showed up I was not spending my time doing this - so I called some painters.

As we went downstairs to re-heat the waterheater (for some reason when the gas was turned off they didn't re light the pilot lights) - we looked in our deep freezer. We've been keeping easy Trader Joe's lunches in there along with the meat from our meat CSA. Um TOTALLY DEFROSTED. Apparently, the guys used the outlet that our freezer was plugged into for a saw (or something) and never plugged it back in. HUNDREDS of dollars of meat and food was WASTED. Not only replaceable stuff either. Homemade broth and meals that took manhours to make.

And my house is filthy, my child's daycare is moving across town (F&%$), my husband has a new job that requires that he be gone WAY more than usual, I'm failing at life generally, and I feel guilty for feeling this way because several people we know are seriously sick and dealing with way more. How lame and isolated am I that a kitchen remodel is ruining my day?

End rant.


  1. Ok, 1, 2, 3,,,,breathe

    This blows, for real. I've been biting my lip about posting about work ethics and you just may have tipped me over the edge. I mean, come on, what do you mean they didn't plug the freezer back in and have ruined all your food!?!?! Expletives are in order, perhaps so is a call to whoever owns this business to let them know. The minimal work effort is not acceptable either. In my own experiences, I cannot understand why anyone would want to drag a job out...don't they want to get it done asap and move onto the next, hopefully improving profit? I don't get it. Anyway, I sympathize, this sounds super frustrating. Hope your day turns around. Just remember, your kitchen is going to look BEAUTIFUL when it's done, and you'll laugh over these frustrations when it's all said and done (that's what I keep telling myself anyway haha).

    ps. I deleted your comments. Sorry about the disqus trouble!!!

  2. Right? I feel bad saying anything because the "contractor" is so nice and we feel like we're getting a good deal. Anyway - hopefully we can have a come to jesus today and he can finish up. I think he overbooks and doesn't turn away work - ugh.

  3. Oh nooooo. I hate stuff like that. Don't feel bad about venting or feeling frustrated -- not sure who wouldn't be annoyed. It'll be done soon and be so worth it!