November 3, 2011

How are we going to fake remodel the kitchen with a toddler in the house?

Um - we're working on it.

With one income, that means our house is daddy-daycare. And don't think that we can do ANYTHING without someone climbing up my leg to get into the action (hey, just had a thought - maybe we actually do let him help...).

Last weekend, we were helping my sister re-arrange her furniture, which involved a LOT of heavy lifting by Bubbs. Everytime Tim would pick something up T would start crying hysterically. Anyway, we know that nothing is going to happen while he's here (unless it is silent and can happen at night after he goes to sleep.

So - we called his old daycare to see if they would take him one day week. It will be expensive, but Bubbs could use a break, our house could use a real cleaning (how do people with kids at home all day keep the house clean?), and I'm hoping we can get the kitchen done!

Keep in mind that my kitchen is MUCH smaller than this, but this is the look we're going for:

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

White cabinets, white back splash (to the bottom of the cabinets), and butcher block counters. Not a fan of the shiny shiny, the floor, or the white appliances. Though undermount (I only know that word since I've been researching this) sinks are pretty hip these days, I actually like the look of an overmount (and it seems easier). Last night as we were watching a bad bad reality show, I actually called a cast iron sink "sexy."

I particularly love this one - maybe its the hardware?

I think we can do that spot next to the oven on the left...this one

There's nothing I would love more than to get rid of that rolling cart and put in an actual cabinet. This is a project for another day.

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  1. yea, there's no way to keep the house clean during the day. you just have to accept it'll look like a loony bin while they're awake. i do a little tidying (mostly of her play spaces) while she naps and then do almost all of my cleaning after she goes to bed. even tho i want to collapse, i force a 20 minute effort and feel happier in the morning for it. (sigh.)