November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend All Rolled into One Post

We may have had the most scenic Thanksgiving ever

(yes, that is the golden gate bridge peeking up over there).

Some "big boy" cousins made a butter turkey

Our contribution to the pot luck Thanksgiving was frying two turkeys

With our electric fryer they only take 45 minutes each - and they are SO amazing. We've tried to out roast them and will challenge anyone to a Turkey cook off to see if they can beat the perfection of the fried brined turkey. Last year I did a fancy brine/herb butter rub/flipping the bird upsidedown to try to beat it and no dice. This year my mom thought hers would beat it out, but the winner was by far the fried birds.

Here is T yelling "HI HI HI"


"A boo!"

T played "HI" (hide) with his Bibi at the table and for the first time in a long time, I got to sit and enjoy my dinner and wine (dumol pinot - YUM). T had enough cousins in the VERY babyproofed house, that I didn't have to worry and he was plenty entertained.

Well, until someone left the baby gate open (See Bubbs running from across the room?)...

We left on time. Which never happens. We left while the party was still going, but the boy wasn't out of control from exhaustion and we weren't too tired to debrief about the evening over a glass of wine.

Earlier that morning, Turner and I had started some Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls.

(don't worry cousins, we used a different stick of butter).

Friday morning we rolled the dough out (super easy), put the gooey sugary amazingness in it, rolled it, cut it, and gave it one more rise.

Here they are in the moments before the magic happened...


Once again.

I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures before we ate them.

The cousins came over...Mostly grownups, but some kids too.

The grownups talked and the kids played quietly (YAY) in the bedroom.

I think this was right before the moment where T started spitting in his cousins faces.

Cousin party ended at nap time.

We installed T's new Wee-Ride Kangaroo Bike seat (BIG HIT).


We had a blissful ride around Lake Merced.

The boy LOVED his new bike. He sat without fighting with the helmet.

He rode with his hands on his knees and waved at the people as they jogged by.
2011-11-26 09.31.31

Then we chased ducks and had stale rice cakes as a snack.
2011-11-26 09.31.45

Against our better judgement we went to the Christmas tree parking lot. Yup, welcome to the city. An empty city lot with Christmas trees.

Turner didn't seem to care about all the trees.

But did love picking up the hay and putting it in the "enty" (empty) Christmas tree bowls.
2011-11-25 17.10.48

2011-11-25 17.10.11

2011-11-25 17.25.20

2011 Christmas Tree Photo
2011-11-25 17.31.08

2010 Christmas Tree Photo

How many years can we do the picture on his dad's shoulders?

You think we can still do it when he's like 15?

Saturday we lazied and did laundry and decorated the tree.

I came to the conclusion that we shouldn't have jobs. And everyone gets to stay home all the time. And play. And make turkey soup.


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  2. Ugh! Same problem yesterday! I reposted the post :) Cheers