November 28, 2011

Cold Weather Pick Me Up

Inspired by a blog I found on pinterest I decided to start up my couch to 5k running again.

I was doing well, but was mostly running at the gym (doing day 1 over and over again).

It was feeling good and I was noticing pain (which means muscles, right?).

Anyway, when Bubbs stopped working, we quit the gym and with he and the boy home, I felt super guilty spending my lunch break working out when I could be spending time with them.

So, my weight loss plateaued, and though I have maintained my weight, I feel stuck again.

Today, I paid to download a new app that helps me track and I actually did it during my lunch break.

I feel pretty darned good.

Why am I sharing it here?

Hopefully announcing it to all 60 of my regular readers will make me stay on track.

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