November 12, 2011

Decorating the Rumpus Room

Bubbs used to live in a little town called Vallejo, CA.

It is most recently known for going bankrupt.

Vallejo used to be a sweet little town with victorian houses, but recently its become sort of a dump. The bones are good, but storefronts are shuttered, houses are falling apart, and there seems to be a bit of a drug problem.

But, the thrift store is fantastic. They have a "boutique" section with all the really great stuff, but there are magical finds everywhere.Even though we are on a tight budget, we scored just a few things.

Two of these lamps for $29. They need a little love, but they are fantastic!

We also got a great mid century piece of art.

It needed some shoring up, so Tim took the staple gun to it to secure the burlap to the frame.

T got out all his tools and "fixed" my knee.

The chairs are silk screened on burlap-y material and framed. We didn't know where it would go, but both went nuts for it. It was 19.99 (with an additional 30% off). Behind it are outlets, so this is fantastic to cover those up.

As I was taking this photos I screamed since he was moments away from toppling backwards off that chair.

Checking out the new art.

Inspired by our new decor, we decided to finally get the room together to be more functional. I hate spending time in ugly places and this room was constantly filled with junk so I didn't wanna be down there!

We cleaned up Bubbs' music area (that was covered with junk for the longest time).

Hung up the horse painting and made some side tables for the sofa bed. The side tables are big rubbermaid bins with a table cloth on top - the left has a suitcase and the right has a wooden bocce ball case. They aren't permanent, but it works for now :)

Bubbs hung up some vintage comic book pages on fishing line.

And built these shelves out of scrap wood we had lying around for this awkward space between the cabinet and the wall.

*the other day we went out in the backyard and one of our passion flowers was wilting and it looked like the support stake was gone. Apparently, Bubbs ran out of wood for these shelves and stole it. Yeah - way to recycle. Now the poor plant is all droopy!

Then the "bee bee" or Grandma came down to play. And we hid in the ottoman.

We brought this dresser down from our bedroom. We bought it hoping it would work for Bubbs' clothes, but it was just too small to make any sense. So now in the rumpus room, it holds all his trinkets, microphone cords, and other stuff that mama doesn't wanna see laying around.

Hiding behind the accordian doors is the weight bench and weights.

Along with a peg board for Bubbs' other "stuff"

And the water heaters and furnaces

We're hosting my sister's 30th birthday here this weekend and we're really hoping to take advantage of this room since the guest count is now at 75 people (more than my wedding!)!

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