November 8, 2011

A Middle of the Night Post

1) It is 4:15am.  I've been up for an hour and finally gave up trying to go back to sleep.  I fell asleep with T at 7 and woke up at 3:00 fully dressed.  Guess I was tired.  I'm brewing coffee and gonna surf pinterest - which feels like a total luxury.

2) I'm doing a focus group tonight for date money.  I belong to an online mama group and someone posted about a $125 focus group.  Dates are not in our budget right now (at least not fancy schmancy dates), so I asked Bubbs if he would mind single parenting for one evening while I made us some extra cash.  He was on board.  I really don't want to go all the way downtown after working all day (far away from home), but for a fancy date night, I'm willing to sacrifice.

3) My headboard got painted white.  This is after it was UGLY 80's wood, then turquoise (or Benjamin Moore Juniper), and now it is a lovely white.  I love it.  My bedroom is going to be my magical mama place where babies can't make messes and I can decorate with pretty things.  Pictures to come, but I haven't made my bed since it got painted this weekend so none have been taken yet.  I still have to find pretty pillows and possibly art, but this room is going slow.

4) I miss my old house in this weather.  It was pretty.  It had a little more character than this one and had AMAZING views of trees out all the windows.  But, it never would have worked for a toddler, I love living with my mom right upstairs, and this house is great for us right now.  It doesn't stop me from dreaming about a bigger place with more character.  Since we live in a really old suburb, I know exactly the layout of the house I want.  Someday.

5) This cold weather reminds me of being really really sick when I was pregnant.  Waking up and being cold and throwing up all morning on the cold tile bathroom floor.  Yum!

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