November 4, 2011

Our Hiding Place - Or a Permanent Dining Room Fort

I didn't commit to joining a pinterest challenge, but I could have, because I did it!

T desperately needed a tent. He loves to hide and "get cozy" but we REALLY don't have room in our 1100 square feet.

I loved this one

and a million more, but this was the one that we actually had room for:

I figured out how to make it permanent - and take WAY less time - because I know I wouldn't take this off the dining room table and the house would always look like kids are there (god forbid my house look like a kid leave here).


So, about five months ago I found some fabric at Ikea to make curtains for T's room. I lined them with some other fabric I had lying around. And they turned our HORRIBLE. They were too narrow and my sewing was B A D. Plus, one of the fabrics was stretchy and the other was not. Anyway, I had wasted some money on fabric and it was just laying around.

So, I measured, and it was AMAZINGLY the perfect size for the dining room table. This was magic. Perfect. Not an inch left and not an inch too short.

(excuse the naked bootie - a little diaper rash is made better by naked time)

I had brilliant ideas about sewing heavy duty velcro to one side and then strategically placing another strip of velcro so I can roll it up and hide it completely when it isn't in use.

But, I had 20 minutes to do this, and our dining room table is nothing fancy, so we staple gunned it up.

The velcro rolly parts will come during a nap, but the boys were happy.

T had just woken up from his three hour(!) nap and was eating an almond butter (with flax seed) and FIG BUTTER sandwich on whole wheat. I know I'm dorking out, but the dude has been a SERIOUSLY picky eater until like two weeks ago. So I'm thrilled that he'll eat - and he eats with ravenous huge bites. Its adorable. That cup was a handmedown and got tossed today because of our fear of BPA. Welcome to San Francisco.

We covered all four sides. I actually don't hate it here. It could stay down until company comes.

Next step: velcro roll ups and lighting in the tent.

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