February 19, 2013

In-Laws and Updates

  • I have one week left of work before my maternity leave begins.  I couldn't be more thrilled.  The driving, even just once or twice a week, is really a bummer and most days I need to nap so badly. 
  • My order of aluminum pans, gallon zip lock bags, and industrial strength tin foil came in so I'm ready for bulk food making.  Plans include: Breakfast burritos, bean and cheese burritos, lasagne, broccoli-chicken-brown rice something, breakfast muffins, mac and cheese.
  • Our Au Pair arrives in three weeks.  AHHH.  Her room is looking lovely but we're still waiting on a few things.  T starts half days at school when she comes, which I think will help tremendously with his late late bedtime (we'll cut naps out completely).  I'm really really excited to have a couple extra days per week with him to do mid-week things with my mama friends (museums, parks, etc).
  • There are employment changes happening in our household too.  I'm thrilled about this as well.  It might mean that we have two parents working from home, one au pair, and two kids in a two bedroom apartment.  
  • Bubbs and I have an overnight stay in Calistoga planned for the weekend after my leave starts.  When I was pregnant with T we took a mini vacation and I loved every second of it.  We ate great food, window shopped, but mostly we floated in the warm hot spring pools at the hotel.  At 36 weeks pregnant, there is nothing better than swimming in warm sulfer water.  Nothing.  Plus, I found a great deal at Solage - pretty much the last time we do that ever.  T will stay with my mom.  The best Huevos Rancheros I've ever had were from a small restaurant in Calistoga - so I can't wait to have those again.
  •  I never really thought much about having in-laws and what that would be like.  All of mine live pretty far away so I only see them about once a year.  Plus, my in-laws are from the south and I'm from San Francisco - and there are surprisingly a lot of things that make communicating difficult and uncomfortable at first.  Anyway - I don't feel like I know my in-laws very well, but I like them and I look forward to our once a year get together.  We've had a bit of a health scare in the last few weeks within the family and I cannot get over how amazing my brother and sister in law have been.  Until this point, I haven't felt "grateful" for marrying into such an amazing family because I haven't really known them very well - but Bubbs' brother and sister have stepped up in amazing ways, particularly taking into account that I'm two weeks from full term in this pregnancy and our family can't really step up like we would like.  But we were willing to.  Anyway - I'm floored at how much I actually LOVE my in-laws. I don't know if I could say that before, but this small health issue has made them my real and true family forever - pretty cool thing to realize.  I think Bubbs feels that way about my family already since they literally live upstairs from us - and I hear other people saying it all the time. 

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