February 28, 2013

Bedside tables for a room with no room!


Our new bedroom is working out marvelously.


It feels like a secret adult place in our totally kid house.


But...I like to read in bed, and drink water before I fall asleep.

So far, we've been reaching into the bedside "closets" to put the water down, but as I thought about breastfeeding in bed, I started to get nervous about how that would work.  Plus, with my giant belly, I'm having trouble sitting up on my own and it required a little reaching.

At ikea the other day, I saw the Ribba picture ledges and knew they would be perfect!

I bought 2 and wish I had bought more.


I don't LOVE the way they look, but they hold a glass of water nicely, my book perfectly, and require no getting up at all.

Plus, surprisingly, we don't knock them at all when we get up.

Quick easy solution.

Love it.

1 comment:

  1. I love your design sense and aesthetic so much: your house always looks great. Such a creative solution to use the picture ledges!