February 7, 2013

Demo Begins!

After some really frustrating experiences with contractors, we found someone we really like.

He also lives next door to the house!  Don't worry, we checked references.

We meet with the architect to help us draw up plans for the county on Saturday, but we've had him start demo on the carpet, drop ceiling, and floors so we can see what we're up against to get a better idea of budget.

This guy is great because he's really helping us stay in budget (the other two quotes we got were from guys who do amazing finish work, but were about 100,000 over our budget - this is a cabin for us, not a palace or full time home).

He sent a picture today as the work got going.

Before Demo:

After Demo:
deck demo

The goal is to drywall to the cathedral ceiling and then just spray the ceilings white and keep them open like that. 

This will be a sleeping porch for kids and a sun room on days when the sun gets high enough to pass through the redwood trees. 

We're thinking of a floating engineered hardwood floor in here as well as new windows (these ones are single paned and don't exactly lock).

Hopefully lots of daybeds, board games, and lego activity will happen in this room!

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