February 22, 2013

Trader Joe's Shopping List

We live on a pretty limited food budget, but I think we eat pretty well.

In order to get healthy, organic food at low prices we shop in two places:

Trader Joe's and a small local produce market, Noriega Produce.

To prepare for our Au Pair's arrival, Bubbs' paternity leave and just needing extra help in general, I made a shopping list.

My hope for the list is this:
1) People will check off when we need to buy something  (We'll keep it in the kitchen),
2) If someone is shopping (other than me) they know the brand to buy or where to buy it,
3) I don't have to do much prep before shopping - I can grab the list and go.

I was searching for Shopping list templates and couldn't find one like what I was looking for, so I thought I'd add this one for you.  You can download this from google docs and then add your own stuff.

I added things to this list in the order my Trader Joe's and Noriega Produce is organized - so they aren't in categories but organized like how I walk through the store.  Feel free to categorize.

Note: There is no produce on this list - this varies depending on what's in season and what we want to eat that week.

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