February 24, 2013

Let the Nesting Begin!

My maternity leave starts this week.

I usually shop during the week, alone,  but this morning, I needed help.  My list was two full pages long - I know I'll want to get my cooking on this week and I need to get ready for the massive cook and freeze fest :)

Season 3 of Sex and the City is downloaded, I have 20 aluminum pans, millions of gallon zip locks, and two industrial size rolls of aluminum foil.

So, Bubbs, T and I headed off to Trader Joe's this morning.

$320.00 later we're ready to make:

30 Breakfast Burritos (beans, eggs, chipotle, spinach, onions, peppers)
20 Bean and Cheese Burritos (beans, cheese, spinach, onions, peppers)
3 lasagne's (basic lasagne with tons o spinach)
24 Soups (I'll make the soup bases now (stock, celery, onion, carrots) and then make whatever soup tickles my fancy when the babe arrives).  The list now includes: kale, kielbasa, white bean; chicken barley; broccoli cheese; spinach; chicken noodle; and lentil.
Vegetarian Chili
42 Oatmeal Banana Muffins (no flour, butter, or sugar!)
4 pans of enchiladas (most likely green chili)

All this, plus, this week's food, TJ's frozen stuff for lunches, plus a dozen coconut waters for those very thirsty days after labor.

Everything is organic and free range except the cheese - hard to find bulk pre-shredded cheese that is from grass-fed cows.

The lasagnes are in the oven now.


We broke down to get some help cleaning now, since I'm barely able to get my shoes on without help.  Pants, HA!  Hardly.  I've been trying to clean a bit here and a bit there, but we have dust bunnies hiding everywhere, I haven't vacuumed in over a week, and changing the sheets makes me double over in pain.  Hopefully this woman can help us out for a couple months until I'm ready to start cleaning for myself again.

I'm pretty uncomfortable and almost always having braxton hicks contractions.

I go to Kaiser tomorrow for my GBS screen and a ultrasound to check babe's position (my midwives want to be sure he's head down).

The following day is our "team meeting" where our midwives meet with everyone who will be at the birth and we go over the plan.  We have to have all of our supplies ready (newborn hats, thermometer, towels, ugly sheets, etc.)  for the meeting.

This S*$% is getting real.

I could have this baby tomorrow and feel prepared though.  I'd just like the laundry to be done before the baby arrives.  Wishful thinking.

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