February 27, 2013

Homebirth Ready

We had a homebirth with T.

Last night was our team meeting with our midwives.   They all came over to our house, checked our supplies (we have to order a lot of supplies to have ready, along with preparing other things like coconut water, towels, sheets, etc), and we talked about our plan for when the baby comes.

I am a very internal birther.  It might have been because my last labor was so short, but I'm pretty sure it is also just who I am :)

This is the same team that cared for us while I was having T, so they have some experience.  I cursed out one midwife and actually slapped the other - I'm actually quite surprised they took me back :)

They joked a bit about how I'm a fire breathing dragon :)  I'm so grateful for my midwife team.

My instructions to my midwives (and husband and mother) were simple:
  1. Don't touch me unless you need to for medical reasons
  2. Don't talk to me unless for medical reasons or to warn me you are going to touch me
  3. Keep T out of the house unless he is sleeping - no matter what.  If T needs comfort, I'd rather have Bubbs leave me than have T come into a room I'm in while I'm laboring.  If T is scared, offer to turn on Sesame Street - I'm sure he'll be fine after that :)
  4. No internal checks if we can avoid it
  5. If you have to talk to me, speak loudly and clearly - don't whisper or be gentle.
I've been anxious for this baby to come (though the pregnancy has flown by), but last night, as I poured myself a glass of milk with ice (I know), T was asleep, and I started reading my book, I decided I really needed to embrace this time before the baby comes.  I'll be exhausted for the next two years.  

Bubbs and I have a babymoon this weekend - the plan is to eat well and float in warm water all day long.  Can't wait.


This was a pic from 34 weeks.  I'm giant now.  This is the one pic we have of my pregnant belly :)

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