March 1, 2013

Pot Pie!

We have lasagne in the freezer.  That was super easy.

I decided that pot pie would be easy to make.  HA!

It wasn't complicated, but it was messy.

Thank goodness the end result was AMAZING.


I used Williams Sonoma Pie Crust recipe (leaving the sugar in).  I have made many versions of pie crust, and this was spectacular.  Spectacular.  But, I had to add WAY more water than the recipe called for.  I was really insecure about my dough getting too warm, blah, blah, but it stayed out a long time, the kitchen got hot, and it was still amazing.

Triple the recipe to fill 8 mini loaf pans.  A mini loaf pan can serve 2 people.

To make the filling, I roasted some chickens using Thomas Keller's Favorite Chicken Recipe a few days before.

Chopped up the chicken breast (2 breasts).

Then I made a simple roux:

A cube of butter, melted in a pot, then sprinkle flour in (about a 1/4-1/2 a cup).  Whisk it good.  It should turn pasty and smooth.

Then slowly add chicken broth (2.5 boxes is fine) whisking it in.

It should get thicker - let it boil.

I added 7 diced (unevenly diced) tiny organic white skinned potatoes.

Add them to the boiling broth/roux mixture for about 10 minutes.

Then I added a whole bag of organic peas, carrots, and green beans (TJ's carries them).

Let this cook up a bit.

For my test batch, I put crust on the bottom of the mini loaf pan, baked it at 450 until it was brown and bubbly, poured in the vegi/chicken/stock goo, then put another piece of crust on top (just lay it on the goo).

I think the bottom crust was too much.  More crust than goo - overwhelming.

So, for our other batches, I just spooned the goo into the loaf pans, put a layer of crust on top, brushed with egg and froze.

I was able to fit 6 mini loaf pans in the freezer.

I'm too lazy to take them out and individually freeze them.  Hopefully some time today.

Oh - best pot pie I've ever had.  I wouldn't substitute the crust for store bought.  The crust was too good.

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