March 30, 2012

To Do

This girl needs to get back on track. Our life has been taken over with "life" and I just can't keep up with laundry let alone doing anything extra!

Here's my weekend to-do list:

Paint over all the patching in every room

Hang the gold flowers over the bed

New bedside tables / figure something out for the current ones

Recover the rocking chair (using same fabric as kitchen bench?)

Make new pillows for the living room

Make King sized shams for the bedroom

Re-do the lamps in the garage

Finish putting down the Flor tiles in the Garage

Big/Expensive Projects

Make Expedit in living room look built in

Put flooring in the kitchen. I go back and forth on hardwood in four months (need to save + we're out of town for a couple days so we're not without kitchen while they do it) and modularity tiles. I like the look of modularity tiles but I haven't seen ONE real review of them so I'm scared to spend $400 bucks on something when the quality is in question.

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