March 7, 2012

Vinyl Tiles, Running in the street, and green organic food

Totally related - all of it.

I'm ready to fix the kitchen floors. The quotes we got to put in hardwood were double what we anticipated (what else is new). The "per square foot" quotes were WAY higher than the going rate because our kitchen is so small two companies required a minimum charge.

We could pay for it, but I really don't want to dig through our savings (taxes are due and we have two vacations coming up - and yes, vacations are WAY more important than hardwood floors).

So we're stuck with our yucky linoleum for now:

A few things I'm thinking:

Modularity Tiles - SUPER cool modern looking tiles - self install doesn't look too hard. BUT, the shipping for the tiles will be about half of the total cost (200 for tiles, 100 for shipping). It KILLS me to pay for shipping. This is also 1/4 of the cost for hardwood.

Grey and white striped floors - tiles from Modularity Tiles (in slate and white).

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Grey and white checked floors - tiles from Modularity Tiles (in slate and white).

Black and White checked floors - tiles from Modularity Tiles.

Another color? If we're going nuts, go all the way nuts...?

I love this - but there are so many ways I could screw it up:

Or - something simple that won't offend future buyers (if we ever sell):

The primary questions are:

do we leave the floor as is (with an inch gap between the linoleum and the wall and non matching) until we can afford hardwood?

do we do a temporary boring fix that might not offend potential future buyers and is a tiny bit of money?

or do we do a temporary fix (a little more expensive) that we will love and is super cool but may need to re-do before selling to appeal to a broader audience? Again - we're not planning on selling anytime soon...

Delightful pizza.

Our new magical pizza tricks?

Cook it on parchment paper (NO STICKING).

Cook it on 500 (or as high as your oven will go).

This was TJ whole wheat crust, organic grass fed mozzarella, spinach, olives, and tomato sauce.

Turner picked out some chow mein noodles the other day at the store (picked up the package and licked it - so I had to buy it) and while I was busy chopping the labor intensive salad (to put the noodles in) - he pretended the noodles were a dragon. Chinese New Year in San Francisco was the most thrilling time of his life.

"Dagoo - LOUD" is is favorite new phrase (translation: dragons are loud).



This salad was:
sugar snap peas
baby corn
wilted swiss chard
chow mein noodles
crispy tofu squares
chopped bell pepper and roasted sesame seeds
Tossed with an organic (low sugar and real ingredient) ginger sauce from the grocery store.

We ate it for three days straight and it was delightful.

My kid ran in the street today. Twice. When I yelled at him (which I NEVER do) he laughed in my face. It might have worked after that when I did my "look me in the eye" trick and told him I was sad - but I am really fearful of this happening again. He's only ever done it once before, but I was so scared - we live on a super busy street. What works for you?


So folks - what to do in the kitchen?



  1. Since it looks like you have hardwood leading up to the kitchen, I'd actually consider avoiding it. It'll be hard (if not impossible) to match it, not just color, but plank size. One easy alternative to consider is cork flooring. Something I'm considering. I don't like the type that look like cork, which they all kind of do online, but in person there are some that look A LOT like wood, but you won't have the lines running through it like wood. Otherwise, I think you should go for something fun! Pretty much with every decision we've made so far, the inevitable "what about future buyers" question comes up. Then I think, why the flip am I decorating MY house for someone who MIGHT live here, one day in an unforseen future? NAH, make yourself happy!

  2. Interesting perspective. Of COURSE the hardwood guys say they can do it - but I've learned never to expect what I see in my head to appear from contractors. I've looked at cork, but just like how I am a little insecure about mixing denims, mixing wood looks scares me a little (can't WAIT to see yours). I think I'm gonna go for it - do something I love and if we EVER decide to sell, we'll think about it then. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for doing a lot of our research ;). Our floors are ready and I actually think some of these ideas would pull our place together. xoxo

  4. Oh good! We actually went to Home Depot this weekend and found some porcelain tiles we really like - dark grey and white-ish. I'm trying to figure out why that is a bad idea...we'll see...posting tomorrow :)