March 12, 2012

Flooring Update

We went to Home Depot this weekend to look at flooring there (see what they had) and while most of their flooring was HORRIFYING, they did have one porcelain tile sample I liked.

The thinking is that we would do a checkerboard pattern of the dark grey and white. We discussed installation costs with them and they quoted us around $700. This is still A LOT, but tile would be permanent solution and in between the $1500 for hardwood and $300 for temporary vinyl.

Here's what I'm nervous about:

1) My kid is a KLUTZ. He runs through the house with socks on and slips ALL THE TIME. If we have porcelain on the floor he might kill himself if he bangs his head on it.

2) I had a tile floor in my studio apartment - it was IMPOSSIBLE to clean. I know the grey would be okay, but the it totally porous? Does sealing it help? One thing I love about our current floor is that a quick sweep makes it look good as new (same with our hardwood) - will this require a mopping or even worse, a scrubbing to look clean?

3) Home Depot doesn't have the greatest reputation for their installation services. I can't find any details from our local HD, but am super nervous about what people say about the system. Plus, they charge for EVERYTHING. Bringing the tiles to the house, moving the stove, pulling up the floor, etc.


With all that in mind.

I'm torn.

$300 for us to put in cool modern temporary vinyl tiles


do we install the tile ourselves? Is this insanely stupid?

I'm pretty proud of my backsplash, but it is FAR from perfect. FAR.

I did learn some valuable lessons, so maybe armed with knowledge we could do it?


  1. go with temporary vinyl. It will give you the look you want, and you won't be giving yourself yet another thing to worry about regarding T's safety.

  2. I agree. Let's try to convince my husband of that as well.

  3. Tile is quite easy to do yourself. Home Depot has classes in how to do it. There's tons on YouTube too. I'd use a non-skid matte tile. The nice thing about doing it yourself is you get exactly what you want and you don't have to pay extra for any custom design you might want to do. I've done the floors and walls in my bathroom, kitchen and the little bathroom I have in my garage.

  4. Well after reading the situation, going with temporary vinyl is fine as it provide both safety and look as you needed, but before taking a final decision it’s better to consult with an expert, I have also renovated my place and faced the same problem, but I discussed the issue with some of the experts of Luxurydesignfloors- Best Flooring option and they sort it out very easily.