March 1, 2012

The Homies - 2012

Two Bedrooms and a Baby is in the running for an Apartment Therapy Homie Award - nominated for "Best Family Blog."

We're way behind the big powerhouse blogs, but if you'd take a moment to vote, it would be greatly appreciated!

Click Here, find twobedroomsandababy, and select us!


  1. congratulations! voting for you now!!

  2. Hi there! Came across your blog when I googled Zyreep at the Island Inn in Sanibel. We're staying there this spring with my family and I wanted to get in touch with you regarding taking a todder to that specific facility. We will have a 16 month old and I have a few questions for you if you have a second. Can you email me at I would appreciate it!

    On that note, I looked around and enjoying reading a lot of your posts. Turner is adorable!