March 22, 2012

There is nothing happening here

There is absolutely nothing happening except we're all running around getting "stuff" done.

Like our jobs and taking care of our insane toddler.

Sleep hasn't been happening because 2 year molars ARE happening.

It has been raining and foggy and cold.

My to do list still has a ton of project on it, but now at the top of the list are things like:

clean out car
go to bank
buy toilet paper

I'm usually pretty good about things like this - just getting it done. But I've been SUCKING at life lately.

Anyway - the boy is asleep and I'm taking 30 minutes to myself to drink strong coffee with cream and sugar and just surf.


  1. The coffee and interneting sounds great. Sounds like you deserve it!

  2. Hope you get more time soon to sit back and relax...or to get the nagging chores done so you don't feel sucky at life.