March 28, 2012

Oh where oh where has my battery gone?

My camera battery charger and the spare battery are missing in action.

We have this problem in our house - there is no designated office. Well, there is, but it has changed three times. We've both switched jobs, and home offices, and now T stays home all day.

So, I have NO idea where the charger is.

Plus, I have a super bouge-y complaint. No judgement please.

We've had the same woman doing the deep cleaning on our house for almost three years (since I got so sick when I was preggo I couldn't do anything). We kept it up since T was born and it has been a major plus for our family.

Well, she recently got a "helper" and her helper is HORRIBLE.

She leaves dust rags all over the house, puts things in places they don't go, and when she dusts she leaves things in the weirdest places.

She "cleaned" my closet - which was a MESS, but our regular gal never went in my closet. She put things away in drawers they had no business being in (she put a breast pump part in my makeup drawer, a purse in my sock drawer, and took the guitar case OUT of the closet (where I was hiding it since I hate looking at it) and displayed it proudly in the bedroom).

Anyway - I'm thinking she moved it and put it away somewhere.

I am totally horrified that I have to talk to our gal about this since I've never had anything but good things to say, but I spent so much time putting things BACK where they go I was super annoyed.

Oh yeah, just got back from a baby free weekend in Palm Springs. Pretty amazing.

At some point - there will be pics of this AND that damn baby bedframe - but the camera is a necessity.

Can you tell I'm annoyed?

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  1. Say something. It's foolish to pay/pretend you like the service when it's changed and you don't. It also doesn't really give the woman (assuming she owns the business) credit for her business- give praise/constructive criticism just like you would any other respecting business.