December 20, 2011

No Santa for Us.

I've bought T his gifts.

A radio flyer wagon off craigslist (the ATV version with a trailer and cooler attachment),

A pair of mittens and hat (edited 12/21 -oops gave it to him this morning because we were going for a job and it was cold),


An Elmo Stuffed Animal.

It KILLS me to wait until Christmas because I know he's going to freak over the Elmo.

I also have an urge to do the Santa thing. The magic of it all. To see the sparkle in my boy's eyes. And for the memory for ME.

But, we're not going to lie to him.

I'm not quite sure how we're going to deal with it yet, but we will.

I'm of the mindset that I'll teach my child to ask questions and offer him information about a lot of ideas and let him pick. But I won't lie to him.

My sister posted an amazing post on this very thing (and that Elf book thing everyone's doing).

She's hilarious.

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  1. We're not going to do Santa either. I think we will still do some of the Santa-themed traditions because they're fun, but be clear that they are just pretend games. (Like Santa is the arctic equivalent of Elmo.) Insisting on Santa's physical reality doesn't seem like it would add anything.