December 23, 2011

Making Jams for the Whole Family

I have this idea that for Christmas, T will get a few things each year.

1) a book
2) a toy or fun gift
3) a new pair of pajamas to open on Christmas Eve

Starting this year.

I made pajamas for the whole family.

I'll start this off by saying I have MINIMAL sewing skills. I don't really care about details.

This project takes about 30 minutes.

The fabric I chose was from the scrap bin from the discount fabric store around the corner. I should have ordered some cute stuff online, but didn't and ran out of time.

So this is what we got.

The legs don't match because the scraps were too small :)

Take a pair of pants that fit well. Fold them in half.

Fold your fabric in half with the "bad" side facing out (the side without the pattern on it).

Place the pants on the fabric and cut around the pants leaving a 3" border. Repeat.

You should now have four panels that look like this:

Take two of the panels, put them together so they match up ("bad" side out).

1) Sew the short (curvy) ends together first (labeled "A" and "B" in the above picture). This will create two pieces - the front of the pants and the back.

2)Put those two pieces together with the "bad" sides facing out. Sew the outside of the pants together

3) Folding the middle seams down flat, sew the inside of the legs together.

4) Fold up the bottom of the legs (about two inches) and making sure not to sew them closed, sew the hem on both feet.

5) Fold the waist down (about three inches) and making sure not to sew it closed, sew the hem on the top stopping with about an inch still open.

Don't forget to fold down the seams or it will be really bumpy.

Fold the pants right side out!

Measure your waist or where you want the pants to sit. Cut a piece of elastic about 3-4 inches shorter than your measurement.

Attach a safety pin to one end and feed the safety pin through the 1" hole you left in the top hem. push the safety pin in as far as it will go, bunching up the fabric, then pulling the fabric back...move it forward again, until you have it all the way through.

Remove the safety pin and do a BUNCH of stitches through the ends to make it a complete circle.

Sew up that last 1" of the waist that you left un-sewed before.


Things you can do differently to have WAY better results:

1) Buy enough fabric

2) Use thread that either matches or contrasts in a cute way

3) Take your time so your stitches aren't totally crooked

4) Order your fabric in advance so you aren't stuck looking like your kid is from the 80's.

But - I think they are cute, and next year I'll learn from my mistakes.

Overall this took about 40 minutes and $5.00.

Xmas day you'll get photos of them on the boy!

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