December 2, 2011

On The List

At the end of September I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish around the house.

Moments later, my hubbs quit his job and the list changed a bit.

Of the things on the list we accomplished two in two months.

1) Hang string lights

2) Paint headboard

(by the way the quilt is gone and we're all white now - for now)

3) Half did re-binding the "dee dee" (T's blanket) - bad quick 10 minute job that worked for awhile.

4) At the bottom of that post I mention that I won't even start decorating the rumpus room, but hey - that's almost done!

My cheaper to do list:

1) Figure out something to do with the TV "hider" in the expedit. I'd like something less wrinkly. Maybe a bamboo shade?

2) New bedspread for our bed - something with some pattern and possibly. Muted and mellow.

3) Fix up/ make pretty the shoe bench

Sadly, this is what our entry way looks like a lot of the time. We have tiny poorly set up closets in this house so all the coats end up living here. The shoes don't get put inside, things that are supposed to go downstairs to our storage get stuck here (by the front door) and it takes a couple days to get there. I need to figure out a way to make this more efficient, but I'm not there yet.

I need to recover it, and possibly paint the wood - though maybe stain it...what would you do?


  1. The place is looking great...I also have that "shoe tower" and you reminded me that it's something I guess i should take care of too!

  2. I love it. When you say shoe tower it sounds intentional!