December 6, 2011

Hanging Guitars

This post on Apartment Therapy reminded me about this predicament we are in.

I hate looking at "useful" things. I want everything in my house to be pretty and if it is functional too, then groovy. But I don't wanna see the TV or cords. If I could, I'd hide the microwave.

My husband happens to be a musician. He has a LOT of "useful" things. In our last place, there was room for him to have his own room so all his "stuff" went there. In our new place (which is now 10 months old), there wasn't a room, so we had one built so I could CLOSE the door on his "equipment."

We thought it would cost like $2,000 to build a room in the garage.


Anyway, after coming to terms with the investment, we built him a room.

This room was supposed to house his guitars. All of them. And all his other junk (microphones, keyboard, cords, etc).

Somehow, we always have at least three guitars hanging out in our living room. Leaning up against the couch, they clatter when I try to clean up.

This was NOT what was intended.

I started teasing Bubbs about his many thousand dollar guitar room...but he's pretty serious when he says he needs guitars up here. And, to be truthful, one IS the baby's.

I mean this happens at least twice a day:

So, I agree, he should be able to keep a guitar up here.

He wants to hang them on the wall.

In the living room.

Above the couch.

That thought makes me cringe.

And makes me feel like I'm losing control. A lot.

But, I'm open to it because:

I am a loving wife who supports her husband's hobbies/passions.

Right? I am! I just have to keep saying that over and over again to remember that fact.

Anyway...the post on AT got me thinking that if I could find a way to "prettily" hang them, we could both be happy. This wall is pretty boring anyway...

I did a little google image searching and came up with this idea:

When I saw it at first, I didn't realize it was a case for a guitar.


Trim directly on the wall to frame it and painting the area inside a contrasting color.

Cool rustic warm wood trim? White Trim? What color inside? The same cobalt blue as the curtains and the dining room to tie them in? A darker color of the wall paint?

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