December 19, 2011

Too Many Pictures Tuesday

Watching airplanes at Coyote Point. My pants are rolled up because we rode bikes. I swear.

Baby Giraffe riding horsey on Mama Giraffe. For some reason he only does this in the hallway.

Free trimmings + glass ornaments that aren't safe with a monster toddler in the house= pretty Christmas on the Expedit

Last years neutral stockings don't go with our new house, but new homemade stockings for our little family will have to wait until Mama has more time...I wonder if I'll ever get around to ironing these ones...

Our suitcase before our trip. 10 points if you can find the two bottles of wine. Yes, that is a Blue Uke.

We did train town on Sunday. I swear T had more fun than me.

He mostly rode the carousal. I was not made for holding him up on this thing. I actually got dizzy and scared. Seriously.

Ahhhh so good to have that out of the way - those pesky individual pics.

Soon to come - our adventures with a Meat CSA and what to do with cuts of meat you don't think really exist.

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