September 20, 2012

What just happened

There's been radio silence on this blog for about 3 1/2 months.

Cause I've been working and barfing and not much else.

On top of that a family member had surgery (she's fine but I had to be her nurse), my son's school had a week's vacation, and we were trying to buy a river house.

So - this all took a bit of a back burner.

And - to be honest - I'm not really INTO much these days.

I can't cook and don't enjoy food (anymore) so we eat a lot of take out.

We didn't get the river house (AGAIN).

I'm about to get a major paycut at work (no fault of my own, just union negotiations and a crappy environment for working people these days) and we're trying to figure out how we afford two children in San Francisco.

Plus, people I love are having REAL problems.

Anyway - I'll be gone for awhile - if you miss me, think of me in the bathroom sounding like a pterodactyl as I scare my poor two year old with my constant barfing.


(oh - and I posted what I've been writing and not posting while I was trying and finally got pregnant but they are posting in a very strange order - so yes, I am still pregnant)

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  1. I missed your posts! Congratulations on your wonderful news. I hope you start feeling better soon (and escape constant nausea this time).