October 9, 2012

little belly, little barfing

Still barfing at 16 weeks.  Still nauseous.

Little belly pooch and up two pounds (and growing).  (wanted to track so I could compare to T's pregnancy).

Could be the junk food I'm stuffing in my body.

My work cut my pay in January due to a union disagreement / imposed contract.  So, we can't afford for Tim to stay home with the baby as we planned when we decided to do this thing.

So, the only kind of childcare we can afford (and keep T in school that he loves and we love) is an Au Pair.  And we think we found a fantastic one.  An Au Pair is an exchange student who comes to care for your children in exchange for a small stipend and room and board.  It ends up being way more than that because the agency fees double what you pay the Au Pair, but still much cheaper than a SF nanny and about the same as an in home day care.

Till next time.

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