September 20, 2012

Month one - and I'm out.

*written months ago - posted after notifying my boss (who I sincerely hope doesn't know this blog exists, but might)

So, we've officially been trying for one cycle.

(oh - yeah - I'm not publishing this yet - so you're reading WAY after the fact ).

I went a little nuts and even after day three of spotting (on days 9, 10, and 11 Days past detected ovulation) I took a pregnancy test.

I decided to officially call today "light" bleeding on fertilityfriend (where you can chart all the delightfully delicious fertility signs/symptoms, like, cervical mucus, body temperature, when you did it, etc) and start my cycle from day one.

Last night (and I knew how crazy I was, thank you very much), I googled to find all the stories of people who got their periods and were STILL pregnant.

I know.

So, we're off to month two.

I'm cutting my coffee consumption in half (and adding half decaf to the grounds mixture), taking my pre-natals, and re-decorating my entire house to make room for a baby :)

Plus, over the hot, hot weekend, we came up with a fantastic plan for staying home with the babe until he/she is ready to go to T's current school (at 18 months). We seriously can't afford more childcare than we have now - so we were considering an au-pair. But, in thinking about how unhappy I am with long term company, it seemed like it might be a bad idea.

So, we have a secret plan and we're both thrilled about it :)

Now, we just need to do it so we can have a munchkin!

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