September 20, 2012

Obsessive about a baby

*written months ago - posted after notifying my boss (who I sincerely hope doesn't know this blog exists, but might) 

*this post was written well before you are going to read it.

We've gone back and forth between wanting another child. Before I was pregnant with T, I would have told you I wanted two kids and I wanted them three years apart.

Between the hypermesis (puking through 7 months), the challenges of attachment parenting, and finances, we just didn't think we could do it for a couple more years and we weren't sure we wanted to do it at all.

But, Bubbs and I both love our siblings and we don't think it is fair to T to only have one.

My friend talks about playing by herself on Christmas morning with all of her new toys and it is one of the saddest images.

So, one night I told him I was ready.

His eyes got big, he pretended to hyperventilate, and agreed.

I made an appointment to get my IUD out (I won't go into what kind of disaster that was).

Last time with T, I tracked my Basal Body Temperature, Cervical Mucus, used ovulation tests, and probably took 50 pregnancy tests in the month and a half it took us to conceive.

Luckily, this time, I had my "period" (minor spotting) right before IUD removal, so I was able to start a new cycle fresh this time around. An ovulation test picked up my ovulation a week and a half later and we made sure to boogie right around that date.

We pretend we're trying for a girl, but both know that it is a little redunculous.

So, I spotted a teeny bit (pink light blood) at 3 days past ovulation as well as had a few minor cramps. At 5 days past ovulation I had a sharp pinch feeling like I did with T when he implanted.

I've taken 5 pregnancy tests today already (I know it is WAY too early).

I am obsessed. Totally obsessed.

Oh - we ate at Gary Danko (top SF restaurant) the other night - cause it might not ever happen again once we have two in tow.

And - we have no idea how we're going to afford childcare for two, but what the heck!

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