September 20, 2012

We're having a baby!

 *written months ago - posted after notifying my boss (who I sincerely hope doesn't know this blog exists, but might)

*written July 18th

A week ago, I felt a major pinch in my side.  Similar to implantation.  I considered not telling Tim in case I was wrong, but wanted to be able to say I knew it if/when I was actually pregnant.

So I told him.

The next day, I kept getting dizzy when I was standing up - and I had some psychosomatic nausea.

I took 5 pregnancy tests and they were all negative (well, I saw two lines, but I see them when they're not there).

The next morning I was starving so I grabbed some cold steamed left-over broccoli (and loved it - which I KNEW was weird).  I was still a little nauseous and was getting dizzy when I stood up again.

I told Bubbs I KNEW I was pregnant.  He blew me off and I took a couple tests.  Negative, negative, negative.

I put the tests on the dresser in the bedroom and continued packing for our trip.

My mom came downstairs and I told them both "I KNOW I'M PREGNANT.  My boobs feel like bowling balls, I'm nauseous and dizzy". 

They both blew me off.

I went to walgreens.  Blew $97 on pregnancy tests.

Took a first response and a digital first response.

AHA!  Light light light little tiny two lines!

Big fat "NO" on the digital.

But, a line is a line is a line.

Bubbs still didn't believe me.

But I knew.

We left for our trip and I bought 10 tests with me.

The next morning I took another test and it was clear.  TWO solid lines.

Baby's due on my birthday, March 25th.  I am five weeks pregnant today.

I can't believe I"m already nauseous at 5 weeks - not anywhere near as bad as it was with T, but there's still time...


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