September 20, 2012

Holy Hell, I'm pregnant.

*written months ago - posted after notifying my boss (who I sincerely hope doesn't know this blog exists, but might) 

I suppose I should have known this would happen.

Me getting pregnant and all.

Since I had my IUD removed and we were having sex while I ovulated.

I know. I KNOW.

What the hell were we thinking.

No, but really.

I love the crap out of this baby already.

It was so hard for me to know what to expect with T - plus the dude made me SO F-ING sick. I was really just focused on survival.

But, I have a few weeks before the nausea sets in (or doesn't - keep your fingers crossed), and I'm just loving on my little muffin. Yeah - my muffin, and my muffin top (still have 15 pounds to lose from T).

It is funny, but in my first pregnancy I knew everything. What to eat, what not to eat, which kind of medicine I could take, you know.

This time - In the last two days I've eaten just about EVERYTHING on the "DO NOT EAT" list. Smoked Salmon, deli meat, blue cheese (I know - that's not actually on the do not eat list), caffeine. And only remembered they were bad halfway through my meal.

Plus, I told myself I'd eat super healthy this time. Um, I just ate chicken wings and a cobb salad. Not anywhere near healthy.

Anyway - my little guy is just the sweetest in the world and I can't wait to have another. And I love this one already.

Shit - laptop on LAP. Another no-no just violated.

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