April 24, 2011

Open foot, insert mouth.

Twice, yup, twice, I have totally stuck my foot in my mouth with one of our couple friends.

I sort of realize I'm doing it as the words are flowing off my tongue and try to save it or move on quickly, but I have no idea why they keep coming over when I seem totally insensitive, judgmental and cruel. Which I don't think most people think I am.

Rather than address it, like my shrink might encourage me to do, I'm going to ignore it - keep inviting them over and watch what I say.

But, man oh man, did I step in it yesterday.

But - we successfully put on a brunch with my new favorite cheap easy makeitthenightbefore strata (a delicious savory bread pudding), and my other favorite totally impressive and easy (if you have a good knife) fruit salad. For the strata I follow recommendations from the reviews and cube the bread and for the fruit salad, I do the same and cut the fruit into teesy pieces. I usually just omit the simple syrup and do whatever herbs I can get my hands on. Yesterday I did basil and cilantro and it was FANTASTIC.

One of our guests brought an AMAZING coffee cake apparently from the Amy Sedaris cookbook - which I'm getting - or not since I ate the other half of the coffee cake by the end of last night.

Our dining room was beautiful and the babe sat patiently eating cheerios for 75% of the breakfast.

I could do that again.

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