April 5, 2011

Pot rack with lid organizer

Our rental before this house, had a LOT of storage. Even in the kitchen. This house has close to none. Even before we moved in we knew we would need a pot rack.

While Tim was sending me craigslist posts with HUGE metal ceiling-mounted pot racks, like this

I knew we needed something smaller (our kitchen is teeny) and I wanted something to organize the lids. The worst thing is to be digging through lids and lids under a counter when the baby is sleeping. Try it - I dare you.

So, after a ton of searching, I found this one on amazon. It is handmade by an actual person (OMG). Only 40ish bucks it was a great deal (plus a good bit of shipping for VERY slow delivery). I may still buy another one to mount right next to it, but I'm waiting to see what we put next to the stove first.

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