April 28, 2011

Torture the stuffed up baby

I never knew how horrifying a stuffed up nose could be.
(I snapped this pic when the boys were reading a book and Tim had NO idea this is what was sitting on his lap :)

My poor babe has (another) cold.

Symptoms: Stuff nose.

The advice nurses at kaiser always recommend just doing saline drops.

This is what it looks like:

Mama: (pretending to squirt it in Daddy's mouth) Ooh - daddy - in your mouth! (pretending to squirt it in his nose) now in daddy's nose.
Daddy: (laughs hysterically) Ooh that feels good!
Mama: Now in daddy's other nostril! (pretending to squirt it in his nostril.

Turner laughs hysterically while we do then and then gestures that he wants it too.

We do it to him and he laughs until he realizes the cruel trick and starts to crawl away thrashing his head from side to side.

This solves the problem for the first day of the cold - when its minor.

By day two we really make him scream:
We do the saline solution role play (above) and snork him (with the nose frida - watch the video - its magical). He HATES it and he screams bloody murder. It breaks my heart to have to hold him down.

When he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming because he can't breath, then we know its time for the shower. This sucks, but its always better to do it before we go to bed than in the middle of the night.

T actually comes in the shower with us. We both get naked then we bring him in the shower. In our old house the flow wasn't so harsh and he would put his head under and watch the water drip off his face.

In our new house the shower BEATS down - so he's a little more hesitant, but its a guaranteed way to get the juices flowing (ew). He's getting a little too wiggly for me to feel safe holding him, but Tim and I always take turns because it is a sucky job.

Then we have to torture him some more by putting more saline up his nose.

Poor boy can't sleep unless we totally torture him. I hate snot.

I hate snot.

I hate snot.

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