April 5, 2011

conflicting fabrics

I've never been very secure in my abilities to match things. I think I'm an okay decorator - but I tend to play it safe.

Our last house had NO color in it, but lots of varying texture. Wa hoo.

So, here I am with one dark blue dining room, fantastic fabric on its way for our blinds (see the sample hanging by a chip clip
And I HATE HATE HATE the fabric I bought to cover my dining room chairs. I wanted a burlap type fabric, but everything I saw was too scratchy. So I bought this basket weave type vinyl which just looks stupid. 50 bucks down the drain.

I need something that:
will look okay with the white mod chairs,
will not be too busy with the large bold blue and white curtains, and
will not show stains too much or be too delicate (the muffin is dangerous right now and everything has to be indestructable).

Here's what I love, but am afraid to pull the trigger on for fear that it will be too much with the curtains and look crazy

(all from etsy)

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