March 27, 2011

Our first night away from the babe - and boy was it wonderful

1) Mama likes massages, hot tubs, cheese plates, and wine flights. duh.

2) Mama loves nights away - but can't stay away in the morning - we were home by 9:30 :)

3) Turner couldn't have cared less that we were gone. He had a fantastic time.

After my massage, my massuse told me that "every body tells a story and you are gonig to be a great mom - even though your parents weren't". I wonder if she could feel the knots in my back from lifting the 20 lb boy and the stretch marks all over my tummy and boobs. Plus, what a risky thing to say to someone about their parents.

Won't be paying full price for Costanoa, but for a groupon price it rocked.

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